Good Sports Program

Last updated on Monday 1st of January 2018 12:39:01 AM

Aberfeldie sports club retains level 3 Accreditation in the Good Sports program

Press Release dated 10 September 2009 (last review of accreditation undertaken on 28 April 2015).

Aberfeldie Sports Club is committed to the principles of responsible alcohol management by successfully applying for Level 3 accreditation in the Australian Drug Foundation's 'Good Sports' program.

Good Sports is the first nationwide alcohol management program of its kind and is run in Victoria by the Australian Drug Foundation with the support of Vic Health, the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC), Department of Human Services (DHS), DrinkWise and the Department of Health and Ageing.

The program was developed following research conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation which indicated that by introducing responsible alcohol management practices, clubs became safer and more viable.

As a requirement of Level 3, the club has developed a written alcohol management policy that clearly explains how we will manage alcohol responsibly and reduce alcohol related harms. The policy (which can be viewed via the link below) includes sections on bar management, the sale of low and non-alcoholic drinks, safe transport, the provision of food when alcohol is served and removing the emphasis on alcohol for player awards, functions and prizes.

Alcohol management policy

See here to read the full document >

We are confident that our involvement in the Good Sports program will continue to improve the environment at the Club. We are working to ensure that Aberfeldie Sports Club is a great place to participate and socialise for all members of our community.

The club will be regularly monitored to ensure we comply with the program. It is the responsibility of all members to make sure we do the right thing when drinking and enjoying ourselves.

For more information about the Good Sports program contact Jim Pound or Darren Briggs.